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antique microscopes
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antique surveying instruments
medical quackery
antique farm tools
American Microscope Makers 19th century journal reprints, patent illustrations, and advertisements for microscopes
Microscopes of the American Agriculturist Microscopes were offered as subscription premiums
Robert B. Tolles, American Microscope Maker Famous for his large aperture immersion objectives, Tolles also produced fine microscopes.
The Webb Adder
Edwin Thacher's Calculating Instrument
The Pitometer An instrument for measuring flow rate in water mains.
The electrical apparatus and experiments of Charles Grafton Page
Signals from the Grave
The Electronic Reactions of Dr.Albert Abrams
The Radio Disease Killer
Dr. Scott's Electric Brushes.
The Theronoid.
Formaldehyde Disinfection Room disinfectors.
Galvanic Spectacles Electricity in Medicine, Part 1.
Electric Dumbbells Electricity in Medicine, Part 2.
Quack Eye Massagers
Dog and horse treadmills NEW
19th C. farm magazine reprints The early mechanization of agriculture
American Grain Cradles Development of the cradle scythe.
Hand Corn Shellers A survey of the great variety of small corn shellers.
Dairy centrifuges Early hand cranked milk test centrifuges.
Early Cow Milkers Hand milkers from the book, American Milking Machines.
Sickle sharpeners Mowing machine and reaper knife grinders.
Human powered dragsaws with a page on power saws.
W.F. & John Barnes Foot Power Machinery The 1885 catalog and patents of this famous maker of scroll saws, lathes, and other human powered machines.
Aquatic Velocipedes A variety of human powered water craft.
The Imaginative Inventor 19th C. inventions demonstrating the (sometimes excessive) imagination of the inventor.
Richard & Diane's personal pages
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2006 polygamous barn owl nest cam
2003 barn owl nest cam
barn owl cam prey study
2001-2006 nest box video
Observations and studies using nest box cameras
Making and using blinds in the home habitat
Barn Swallow artificial nest cups
Use of artificial nest cups by barn swallows
Placing artificial nest cups for barn swallows
providing snags in the home habitat
other species using nestboxes in our yard
2001 American Kestrel nest box cam
2002 American Kestrel nest box cam
2001 Yellow Shafted Flicker nest box cam
2002 Yellow Shafted Flicker nest box cam
Eastern Bluebird nest box cam
Tree Swallow nest box cam
2002 Carolina Chickadee nest box cam
house wren nest cam
Barn Swallow nest cam
Chimney Swift nest cam
house sparrow control
starling and house sparrow traps
The tipping can starling trap
remote solenoid nest box traps
artificial nest black hole traps
video nest boxes with remote sparrow traps
The house sparrow in America
The house sparrow in 19th C. America
The European starling in America
the pellet gun - a valuable tool in house sparrow and starling control
barn owl
American kestrel
purple martin
barn swallow
tufted titmouse
Eastern phoebe
yellow shafted flicker
tree swallow
chimney swift
house wren
big brown bat

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