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2003 Nestbox Video
Barn Owl Prey Cam

For the latter part of the 2003 barn owl nesting, infrared video cameras were mounted outside the entrance to record the type of prey brought and the time of each prey delivery. This was an unusually wet summer with almost nightly rains. While we have always had an abundance of voles, rain and even wet grass affect the barn owls ability to hunt successfully. Also, the presence of great horned owls likely affects our barn owls' hunting routine. Detailed rainfall records were not kept during the nesting - a project for future years.

None of the many hours of earlier video tapes have been reviewed yet - a project better done in winter. The sixteen days that I did review are tabulated below. Watching these tapes in fast forward the following day allowed me to reuse the tapes the next night. When the older owlets began spending more time away from the nest box, I stopped recording because it was impossible to tell how many feedings were taking place away from the nest box.

Total barn owl prey taken by hour

Most prey were delivered in the middle of the night. The owls began hunting earlier on nights following a night of poor hunting. However, they likely consumed their first caught prey each night and so began hunting earlier than the prey camera suggests.

Total number of barn owl prey items taken daily

The nights when few prey were delivererd were nights of heavy rainfall. This is where detailed weather records would be extremely useful. This may be the wettest summer we have ever had and yet the 5 owlets thrived. However, the amount of prey delivered nightly varied greatly due to the heavy rains. In marginal habitat, such a wet season may have caused a nesting failure.

Barn owl hunting period by time of night

Again, where hunting began very late, such as Aug 16, there had been heavy rain in the evening.

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