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2005 Nest Box Cam
Northern Flicker

Daily Log for May 15

The barnyard flicker box was monitored on videotape throughout the nesting. Nest box attendance by the male and female during the incubation period, 2 days prior to 1st hatch, is recorded below. A great deal of other information can be gleaned from the videotapes, such as the timing of actual incubation, and later, brooding, in relation to temperature. The female would often appear restless after an hour in the box and climb up near the top to tap on the wall for a minute or two, perhaps trying to communicate to the male that it was time he relieved her. Also, the microphone recorded audio of the adults nearby outside the box, both calling and drumming.

The male flicker always spent the night in the nest box, entering when the female left each evening and leaving when she first returned the following morning.

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