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Bausch & Lomb 1908 catalog of Engineering Instruments

5 inch Railroad Transit

We offer this complete transit for railroad work with a full vertical circle without cover-guard. The many unique features of our instruments are combined in this transit and make a very superior instrument for repeating angles, and it is designed to withstand the hard usage to which the railroad engineer must frequently subject his transit. The continuous variation plate and the plate levels mounted within the compass box are features which are appreciated.

Equipping this transit with a variable power eyepiece makes it an ideal instrument for the work for which it is intended, since this device does away with the necessity of having a multiplicity of eyepieces, and provides a ready and convenient method of adapting the magnifying power to suit various conditions of light, making it possible to carry on satisfactory observations early and late in the day or in hazy weather.

Other Specifications

The horizontal circle is 5 1/2" diameter, measured inside the graduation, and 6 1/2" outside diameter. The graduations read to single minutes by double opposite vemiers. The vertical circle is 5" in diameter, and also reads to single minutes by one double vernier.

The compass needle (see page 9) is 3 7/8" in length, mounted upon a center of selected agate. The erecting telescope is 10 1/2" long, with a power of 20 diameters, effective aperture 1 3/16", and an apparent field of view 30 degrees. The telescope level is 4 1/2" in length and is graduated in 2 mm. divisions, each division representing 20 degrees of arc. The plate levels are similarly graduated, the divisions being sensitive to 6o" of arc.

The telescope axis carries a center-point which is exactly over the center when the instrument is leveled up and the telescope is horizontal. The axis is also provided with clamp and tangent screw. The range of the shifting center is 1/2 inch. The German silver leveling screws are provided with dust-caps.

The instrument is 11 1/2" in height, and weighs approximately 13 1/2 lbs. The approximate weight in carrying case is 23 1/2 lbs., and the shipping weight 37 lbs. The ordinary tripod weighs 8 3/4 lbs. and 23 lbs. when ready for shipment. The extension tripod weighs 10 lbs., with a shipping weight of 24 1/4 lbs.

50 5" Railroad Transit, as described and specified above, with full vertical circle, without cover-guard, and including split-leg tripod . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . 185.00
52 5" Railroad Transit, as above, but with vertical arc in place of full vertical circle . . 180.00
54 5" Railroad Transit, as above, but without vertical arc and without level to the telescope . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . 155.00

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