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Bausch & Lomb 1908 catalog of Engineering Instruments

The Saegmuller Patent Solar Attachment

We offer a much improved Solar Attachment, the design and construction of which place it above other instruments for similar purposes, many of which instruments are copies of the first Saegmuller Solar Attachment invented by Mr. George N. Saegmuller in 1881.

The attachment consists essentially of a small telescope and level, the telescope being mounted in standards in which it can be elevated or depressed. It is provided with a clamp and tangent screw, and the standards revolve around an axis called the polar axis, which is fastened to the telescope axis of the transit. A clamp and accurate slow-motion tangent screw for the polar axis facilitate the accurate sighting of the telescope called the Solar Telescope. Two pointers are attached to the telescope to aid in setting the instrument, and are so adjusted that when the shadow of one is thrown on the other, the sun will appear in the field of view. The telescope is furnished with a prismatic eyepiece with colored sun glass. A reticule containing three vertical and three horizontal cross-wires is provided, the wires being so spaced that the square formed by them is exactly inscribed in the sunís image.

In former constructions, the standards between which the telescope was mounted were each screwed separately to the center sleeve base. This had the disadvantage that the attachment was easily thrown out of adjustment. Our latest model is so designed that an accurate adjustment is maintained at all times. To this end both the standards are cast in one piece, the base uniting them below and a strong yoke connecting the standards above the telescope and the level. Adjustment for plumb is accomplished by one eccentric pivot screw, which may be rigidly clamped after setting. The parts throughout are made stronger, and the extra long center secures greater accuracy. This attachment can be taken off and put on the transit without affecting the adjustment, which was not possible with the older type of attachment.

Other Specifications

The inverting telescope has a length of 6 1/2 inches. a power of 12, aperture of 2/3 inches and an apparent field of 360. The telescope level is 3 1/4 inches in length. and is graduated in 2 mm. divisions, each division being sensitive to 30Ē of arc. The instrument is 4 3/4 inches in height and weighs approximately pound.

Price List

Saegmuller Patent Solar Attachment, as specified and illustrated $45.00

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