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Bausch & Lomb 1908 catalog of Engineering Instruments


We offer herewith a catalog of a complete line of Engineering and Surveying Instruments. The events which led up to our embarkation in this field had their inception in a business arrangement made several years ago between our company and the firm of Fauth & Co., of Washington, D.C., of which Mr. George N. Saegmuller was the sole proprietor. As a result of this arrangement, the entire establishment of Fauth & Co. was removed to Rochester and a new company, under the name of the Bausch, Lomb, Saegmuller Company, was formed with the express purpose of carrying the production of engineering instruments upon a higher plane than had yet been attempted.

In Mr. George N. Saegmuller our company gained a most invaluable ally and associate. His life has been devoted to the designing and building of instruments of the utmost precision; that his work measures up to the highest standard is freely conceded by all competent to judge.

One of the main purposes of the formation of the new company was to apply our experience and facilities in optical construction to the improvement of the optical parts of engineering instruments, a matter which had not received its just share of attention. The results accomplished in this direction have justified our expectations.

During the past year, our association with Mr. Saegmuller has assumed a still closer and more intimate form. When the American interests of the world-renowned firm of Carl Zeiss of Jena, Germany, were unified with our own, there took place simultaneously a consolidation of the Saegmuller interests with ours. With the entrance of Mr. Saegmuller into the firm of Bausch & Lomb, the manufacture of engineering and surveying instruments on a large scale enters upon an era of progress and of far-reaching possibilities.

We beg to call attention to a complete catalog of astronomical instruments, now in preparation, which we shall be glad to send to those interested as soon as completed. We shall also be glad to send our Hand Book for Engineers, a very useful and instructive booklet, vest-pocket size, written by George N. Saegmuller. Besides the Solar Ephemeris, it contains directions for using our wye level, dumpy level, transit instrument, and Saegmuller patent solar attachment. This booklet sent free upon request.


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