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Dr. Scott's Flesh Brush Directions

DIRECTIONS: The brush may be used daily, it always does good; cannot harm; quickens the circulation; keeps the skin healthy; improves the complexion and imparts vigor and energy to the whole body. People of sedentary habits and weakened nerve powers will find it a valuable companion. It is excellent in constipation and back aches peculiar to ladies; using it for the former on the bowels, the later over the location of the pain.

For all pains or ailments, rub the surface of the body nearest the affected part. When the pain is between the shoulder blades, another person may do the rubbing, but if a handle is required, any brush or cabinet maker will attach one for a few cents. For friction purposes, the brush should be used dry. It may also be used as a bath brush in warm water or cold water, but should never be allowed to lie in hot water.

The power can always be tested by moving the brush near a compass. This power is so strong that if a compass is placed on a thick book or table and the brush is moved in a circle beneath the same, the power will pass through the intervening table or book and cause the compass needle to rotate rapidly. A compass accompanies each brush.

If the pain proves very obstinate, allow another person to do the rubbing. It should always be used gently, and will be found most agreeable and efficacious.

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