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I gather no information on site visitors or email correspondents, even including those who buy something. Most of the many emails that arrive at this site daily are deleted during the evening mail check. The several email messages concerning patent searches, cd-rom orders, or catalog item reservations are held in the "new mail" folder until the business is completed, and then deleted. No email addresses are retained beyond this except for those of personal acquaintances.

Purchasers of a cd-rom title may elect to enter an email address on the order form for notification of possible cd revisions. This list is maintained on an Access database and will never be used for soliciting sales of other cd's or products. I do absolutely no multiple mailings.


No cookies are set from this site. While cookies can serve a useful purpose, such as enabling shopping carts and automated log-ons, many sites have overdone their use in ways that are of no value to the viewer.


Most American Artifacts customers are quite familiar with Paypal and readily use it. However, others who are ordering swallow nest cups or nest box cameras often have no experience with the process. My reason for using Paypal rather than direct credit card ordering on a secure site is to avoid having customers' credit card information at my home. Our business is in a barn and an old farmhouse with zero security. Anyone could walk up the lane and help themselves to computers and paper records any day or night. And our paper all goes to the local recycling center intact. I think many people would be uneasy knowing their credit card information might be handled in this manner. Paypal is perfectly safe and as easy to use as any direct online ordering site. I receive immediate notification of your purchase and I never have your credit card information to worry about. And, life can go on as usual here, without locking doors or shredding paper.

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Anonymous email
Several emails arrive each day with no human name attached to them, either in the "from" field or in the body of the letter. I realize that people may have reasons for not revealing their name or that sometimes they simply neglect to do so, but, all anonymous mail not related to my business is instantly deleted, on the assumption that it did not originate from a human. And, I would feel rather foolish beginning a response "Dear".

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