2004 Nest Box Cam
European Starling

Each spring, starlings continue to try to nest in many cavities in our front yard sycamores. Most of these cavities face upward - the result of rot where former owners had beheaded the trees. Only starlings show interest in using these locations. However, the most coveted spot is a recently excavated flicker hole. A roof and camera housing were fitted on this cavity when the upper part of the limb crumbled away this winter. Flickers have never used the site, they just excavated it for the starlings - an all too common occurrence. Video was taped for several days before the nesting was terminated.

The following still photos are taken from a single frame of video from the vhs tapes. This process results in a substantial loss of quality compared to the original camera image and vhs tape.

Starling nestlings in the flicker cavity

Adult feeding young.

The starling nest in a flicker hole

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