2004 Nest Box Cam
Gray Squirrel

This gray squirrel moved into a large camera box intended for a screech owl. Since we haven't had screech owls in the pine grove, this was almost inevitable. But, even so, it made interesting and enjoyable video. The vcr and monitor were in an unused chicken coop and the aerial video cable was run in pvc tubing to protect it from such creatures as this.

Squirrels are not a favorite with providers of nest boxes. They usurp boxes and enlarge entrance holes. However, with the exception of European starlings and house sparrows, any species using a box in our yard is welcome. I do evict white footed mice, but, usually not in the winter.

The following still photos are taken from a single frame of video from the vhs tapes. This process results in a substantial loss of quality compared to the original camera image and vhs tape.

The screech owl box in a white pine The large nest box in a pine tree. Note the pvc pipe which runs half way down the tree and then horizontally to the eave of the chicken coop

Mother keeping young warm on a cold night.

young nursing.

young nursing.

young nursing

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