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Robert B. Tolles - Microscope Maker

Tolles biography


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Stand A and Student Stand
Dr. Leopold Dippel, Das Mikroskop, 1882

Tolles - Blackham Stand
Tolles made this stand in the late 1870's for Dr. Blackham.
Journal of the Royal Microscopical Society, 1880

U.S. Patents

No. 13603, Optical Instrument, Sept 25, 1855
Tolles solid eyepiece

No. 56125, Binocular Eyepieces, July 3, 1866
Tolles binocular adapter for microscopes

No. 198782, Improvement in Microscopes, Jan 1, 1878
The pivoting substage assembly with graduated scale.

No. 198783, Improvement in Microscopes, Jan 1, 1878
The substage traverse lens for oblique lighting.

19th century journal reprints

Tolles Illuminating Traverse Lens
From The American Journal of Microscopy, 1880

Robert B. Tolles' 1879 Price-List
From The Microscope & Microscopical Technology, Heinrich Frey, 1880 American edition.

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