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Charles A. Spencer, Geneva, NY

1872 Microscope Price-List

Student's Microscope Stand No.1, height 15 inches, weight 6 pounds. The arm, pillar and base are of japanned iron; arm attached by cradle joint, and taking any position from vertical to horizontal; coarse adjustment by sliding tube in velveted clip, and fine by milled headupon the stage. By a curved arm, the double mirror has a lateral movement for oblique light, or may be swung above the stage for side illumination of oblique objects. It is furnished with B eyepiece, 1 inch objective of 20 degrees angle of aperture, with a very flat and well defined field, giving a power of 85 diameters; a 1/4 inch of 60 degrees, adjustable by front lens, giving a power of 325 diameters. In neat cabinet....$60

Stand No. 2, like above, with addition of rack and pinion coarse adjustment and micrometer screw and lever fine adjustment to nosepiece; camera lucida and animalcule cage; same objectives, eyepiece, cabinet....$100

Stand No. 3, of finished bronze and brass; complete as in No.2; A and B eyepieces; 2 inch objective of 12 degrees; 1 inch objective of 20 degrees; 1/4 inch of 60 degrees; camera lucida, cabinet....$125

Standard Microscope No. 1 - 17" high, weight 11 pounds. This mounting, of the simplest and cheapest form, has the arm, pillar and base of finished japanned iron; the arm attached by cradle joint and taking any position from vertical to horizontal; the coarse adjustment by rack and pinion, or by new friction pinion; the mirror adjustable for oblique light or for side illumination of opaque objects. Packed in cabinet...$75

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