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Lyman McIntosh - Microscope Maker

A man of diverse scientific interests, Dr. McIntosh founded the McIntosh N.U. Supporter Co. in the early 1870's. He also entered the medical electric field, first incorporating as the "McIntosh Galvanic Belt and Battery Co.". His 1881 ad for this company featured a microscope convertible to a stereopticon as well as a conventional small medical battery. The company name was soon changed to the McIntosh Galvanic and Faradic Battery Co. Around 1889, the company's name was again changed to the McIntosh Battery & Optical Co. The company offered microscopes into the 1890's, however few are to be found in collections today. Dr. McIntosh died in 1892 and the company was sold around 1897.

1890 McIntosh Battery & Optical Co. Catalogue

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McIntosh New Clinical Microscope No. 1

McIntosh New Clinical Microscope No. 2

McIntosh Scientific Microscope No. 1

McIntosh Scientific Microscope No. 2

McIntosh Professional Microscope

U.S. Patents

No. 250672, Heliostat, Dec 13, 1881
A combination solar microscope and stereopticon.

No. 273752, Microscope, March 13, 1883
Convertable solar and standard monocular microscope.

19th century journal reprints

McIntosh's Microscope Attachment
Journal of the Royal Microscopical Society

L.D. McIntosh obituary
The American Monthly Microscopical Journal, 1892

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