Zentmayer case mounted microscope

The lacquered brass stand attaches to the lid of its hardwood box, measuring only 4 1/2” x 3” x 1 1/2”. The stage, measuring 2 11/16” inches by 1 3/8”, is fitted with a revolving aperture wheel with click stops, recessed neatly into its lower surface. The unusual stage clips are attached to the underside of the stage and wrap around the rear of the stage. A gimbaled, single sided, concave mirror is mounted on a swinging arm. The stage swings on the stage plate, locking in place for use and swinging parallel with the body tube for storage. Focusing is by a square toothed rack and pinion with a single milled head. The 2 3/4” body tube is fitted with a 2 3/4” draw tube and a nosepiece with Society thread. Signed “J. Zentmayer, Philadelphia” on one of the twin uprights. The hardwood case is constructed with dovetailed joints, a brass bottom, and a working lock with original key.

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