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J. & W. Grunow - Microscope Makers

The Grunow brothers emigrated to New York about 1849 and began making microscopes. By 1854, they had moved to New Haven. By 1864, they had moved back to New York, during which time their stands were marked "J.&.W. Grunow, New York". By the late 1860's, The brothers worked separately, Julius's stands being marked "J. Grunow, New York". William concentrated on making other scientific instruments, a few of which survive, bearing the marking "Wm. Grunow, New York".


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Grunow's No.2 Student Stand
Behrens The Microscope in Botany, 1885

Riddell's Binocular Microscope
The first successful binocular microscope was designed by Prof. J.L. Riddell,
of Louisiana and made by the Grunow Brothers in 1853
Journal of the Royal Microscopical Society, 1885

Grunow's Physician's Microscope
Journal of the Royal Microscopical Society, 1887

19th century journal reprints

Grunow's 1852 Price List
From the American Journal of Science, 1852

Grunow's 1857 catalog announcement
From the American Journal of Science, 1857

Photographs of the Interior of the Eye
From the Scientific American, 1862

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