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Charles X. Dalton - Microscope Maker

Dalton worked for Charles Spencer, in Canastota, along with Robert B. Tolles. He left Spencer & Eaton to work for Tolles, who had started his own business in Canastota, and then followed Tolles to Boston, and the Boston Optical Works. When Tolles died, in 1883, Dalton continued the business, advertising as late as 1895. A large stand signed by Dalton surfaced at the Brimfield flea market several years ago, and others likely exist, considering that Dalton advertised for over a decade after Tolles' death.


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Signed Dalton Stand
The only known signed Dalton stand of which the author is aware. It is known that Dalton continued to make Tolles' stands following his death. His advertisements in the early 1890's, continued to use Tolles' name.

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