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No. 3 Velocipede Wood Turning Lathe

This lathe is designed for wood turning. It will take in stuff 12 inches in diameter and 3 feet long. Having our patent velocipede foot power and improved seat, the operator sits comfortably in the best possible position for the management of his work, and can work steadily without fatique. The speed can be varied from 1,000 to 2,000 revolutions per minute, and the motion can be started, stopped or reversed instantly, at the will of the operator. Greater power can be applied on the work than with any old style foot power, and with greater ease. The seat can be readily moved along to any part of the bed that the work requires. The lathe is made entirely of iron and steel, except the bed, which is wood. The spindle is of steel, fitted up in the best manner. All the bearings are of steel, making them strong, durable and light running. The centers are accurately fitted to taper holes. No wrench is required to adjust the tail stock or tool rests and sockets, hand wheels being used instead.

The price of the lathe is $35. This includes three centers (one a spur), two tool rests and sockets, and one turned face plate. It weighs 230 pounds. Boxed, ready for shipment, it weighs 320 pounds.

From the 1885 catalog of W.F. & John Barnes Co., Rockford, Il.

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