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Plane table, alidade, and wye level

A complete early 20th c. surveying outfit, consisting of:

  • Plane table; wood, brass bound corners and mounting socket, 16 inches by 19 1/2 inches. Canvas storage cover incl.
  • Alidade; metal, with three peepholes and scale on vertical slider on eye end and sight wire and 3 scales on opposite end. A wood straight edge with 1/5 inch and 1/3 inch scales is fitted to the alidade and two accessory aluminum straight edges are included, with scales of 1/500 M and 1/600 K. A small straight level is recessed in the base. 9 inch long alidade with 4 inch folding sights.
  • A brass plumb bob with steel tip, measuring 2 inches overall.
  • A metal hinged plumbing arm to position the pointer and plum bob at any location on the plane table.
  • A trough compass, 4 1/2 inch long aluminum case, needle locking screw and mounting hole for attaching to the plane table with included thumb screw.
  • A fitted wood box with slightly domed lid and blue velvet lining for storage of the alidade, plumb bob, plumbing arm, and trough compass.
  • A small wye level, with 9 inch min length telescope with 3 1/2 inch underslung level. Eyepiece helical focusing on the cross hairs and rack and pinion focusing of the objective. Fine condition, except for the black finish on the telescope tube. The level screws onto a mounting plate which attaches to the leveling base of the tripod. The wye level stores in a fitted wood box, complete with its two adjusting tools.
  • A straight leg 49 inch tall tripod with an 8 inch diameter 3 screw leveling base with attaching bolt for either the wye level plate or the plane board. The complete set will be shipped in two boxes - email your zip code for the UPS charge.

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