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Ansonia  clock
Ansonia movement
Ansonia movement with intricate face.  The Brocot movement gear is marked "Pat April 13, 1886". The rear plate is marked "Ansonia, New York, Patented June 13, 1882" and has the trademark "A" in a square in a diamond. This and the three clocks below have been stored in an unheated barn for 30 years. The brass needs a cleaning, but the steel parts all have rust. The beveled glass is intact and the face just needs cleaning. For parts only.
S. Marti clock movement
S. Marti clock movement
S. Marti clock movement. Parts are marked 38 or 3838. A trademark stamped on the rear plate consists of an hour glass with "A" on either side. A bronze medal stamp is also on the back - "Medaille de bronze, S. Marti". The patented Brocot wheel is marked "Modele depose" and has the spring shoulder. The several plates are pinned in place rather than screwed, so there are far fewer steel parts to rust compared to the Ansonia above. There is no glass and the porcelain face shows aging.
A Frence Brocot clock movement
French clock movement
An S. Marti porcelain face movement marked "753". The rear plate is also marked "France" and A1 and has the same S. Marti bronze medal stamp. The Brocot wheel also has the click stop. The beveled glass is intact and the face in fine condition. As with the three other clocks, the steel shafts are rusted. 
S. Marti? clock movement
French clock movement

Marked only 110 on various plates and also 48 on the rear plate, this is also assembled with pins rather than screws. The beveled glass is present and the unusual face is in fine condition.

These four clocks are for parts only..........sold

wooden clocks
wooden clock parts
wooden clock
antique clock vise
All the wooden clocks and gears and the antique clock vise from a clock repair shop...sold

Clock glasses of many sizes and shapes. Round convex up to 8 1/4" in 67 different sizes. Also rectangular convex, flat and specialty glasses for New Haven, Big Ben, and others.  Over 550 glasses. These are NOS from the same clock repair shop as everything above.  The glasses are mostly sorted by size and all stored in manila envelopes in 12 metal letter size stacking file drawers.  
$400 (buyer pickup only)

clock glasses - all sizes

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