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A wood framed foot operated mortiser, 48" high with a 47" long table. The remains of a paper label on the frame reads "Kirhle Bros, Scale Manufacturers, Philad. Scale Works, established 1846, successors to Abbott & Co. and Bates, Dinmore & Co.". The illustration on this label is of a man operating a platform scale. A hand decorated iron plate on front of the machine is marked "Kirhle Bros" in Pennsylvania Dutch style.

The chisel travel is 4 1/2". The chisel can be adjusted 2 1/2" front to back and pivoted 180 degrees. The table can be adjusted approx. 9" up and down. The chisel rotating lever fits in a dovetail slide in the chisel holder and can be removed to expose an access hole directly above the chisel for inserting a pin to tap out the chisel. A large 1/4" coiled flat spring, 3" wide, is used to raise the chisel and a wood foot treadle is used to drive the chisel. The machine is in good working order. I've used it, with great pleasure, to cut the center mortises in several window stiles. One large wingnut has a broken ear, but all nuts and bolt threads are in good condition and function well. The chisels are 1/2", 3/8", 5/16", 9/32". One of the 4 chisels has a chipped side wall, but all have sharp edges and function well.

a closer view

close up view of the chisel holder and adjustable hold downs.

the removable chisel rotator handle

the return spring

the paper label

the iron nameplate

the set of chisels

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The table can be removed for transport in a car.
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