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Electric Treatment Blanket

the blanket the boots the induction pad the pilot bulb

This uncommon quack device, marketed in the 1920’s by the Magnecoil company of Salt Lake City is a an electromagnetic blanket. The Magnecoil booklet lists “infra-red energy, conversive heat, vibration, cellular stimulation - in a magnetic field” as the combined functions of what is actually a high quality electric blanket. Depending on the arrangement of the wire coils in the blanket, boots and “induction pad”, there probably is a significant electromagnetic field produced. The blanket contains “2900 feet of diamond drawn annealed copper wire formed into a coil-spring spiral cable of 172,800 MAGNE-coils imbedded in a firm foundation”. The various modes of treatment as well as the theory behind the Magnecoil are detailed in a 17 pp illustrated booklet “The Philosophy of Magnecoil”. Also included is a 52 page booklet of testimonials and info on various accessories, “The Magnecoil and U-Coil Idea”. The labels sewn on the blanket and induction pad list patent dates of 1911, 1921 and 1923, and the price of $88. The 1911 patent was granted to Phyllis Charles, of Portland, Oregon, for connecting the therapeutic electric boots to the blanket. A heavy circular induction pad plugs into the blanket and is used for treating specific body parts. The wiring, plugs, and christmas tree bulb pilot light as well as the 6’x6’ blanket, pair of boots, and induction pad are all in fine condition and appear to have been little used. All components are working.

the Magnecoil booklet
52pp testimonials
the Magnecoil
in severe illness
the patient
before and after

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