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Oak Cased Annunciator

An electrical annunciator, patented by Frank Carter, of Burlington, New Jersey, Dec. 10, 1889. Carter's patent covers primarily the simplified reset mechanism. 4 separate electromagnets are used to pull a pointer to each of the 4 stations indicated on the dial face. The coil of the call bell is wired in series with each electromagnet, causing it to ring as the station is indicated. The pointer remains in position after each call, until it is reset by pushing up on the knob under the case. The 4 wires leading to each of the 4 electromagnets may be connected to any type of door bell button. None of the components are marked as to voltage required, but the bell and indicators worked fine when tested with 6 volts. The attractive oak case has minor damage around the upper screw holes and the black painted dial face has some blotches (see photo). A small bracket on top of the case, which may or may not be original, has a portion of its top broken off, but is solidly attached to the wood case and allows the box to be hung on a wall. The box is 9 1/4" long by 4 1/4" wide.

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