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Medical Saddle Bags

A physician’s saddle bag, complete with most original bottles, including 11 four inch tall bottles with ground glass stoppers, marked on bottom “CLC Co., Chicago”. The 12th bottle is shorter, with a cork stopper and unmarked. An upper tray, above the bottle compartment holds 2 boxes of empty gelatine capsules by “Smith Kline & French, Phila.”. A complete set of ten 4” long corked tubes are stored on the outside flap of one of the bags. The flap on the opposite side holds 5 long vials and five 2” vials. One long vial and either one or two short vials are missing. Some of the leather straps holding these vials are broken or missing and all are fragile. The leather cases and saddle strap are in good condition. The interior red leather covered pasteboard partitions have degraded in places where bottles have leaked. The bottles are all in good condition, but without labels. All are empty, except 3 with frozen stoppers. The vials of pills and powders have most of their contents and most have labels, which are illegible. The patented latch hardware on one end of the bags is complete, but partly missing on the other end. The leather flap on one of the bags is stamped “6331, Marshall, Pat’d Apr 20, 1886, Mar 25, 1890, June 7, 1892”. Each bag is 8 1/2” x 8 1/2” x 3” Medical saddle bags are, as they say, rare as hen’s teeth.

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