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Commercial Visible No. 6 Typewriter

The typewheel has three rows of characters, positioned by two shift keys, one for capitals and one for figures. A rear mounted hammer strikes the paper against the ribbon and type wheel. A side mounted lever locks the wheel in the raised position to print all numbers and symbols. The machine appears to type well, but the ribbon is dried out. Only one of the two ribbon covers is present - otherwise, the machine is complete and in very good condition. The several decals are in fine condition. The original fitted case is present, but it's curved wooden top is in very poor condition.

Richard Uhlig, a prolific inventor of typewriter mechanisms, from College Point, NY, filed for a patent on this machine Nov 14, 1896. The patent, granted a year later, on Nov 16, 1897, covers the unique method of operating the type wheel as well as the carriage movement. The No. 6 seems to be the only real production model of the Commercial Visible, and differs from the original patent in having a direct acting, rear mounted hammer which strikes the paper against the ribbon and printwheel. The prototype had an impression hammer with spring return that was acted upon by a pivoting hammer. Also, the patent specifies an automatic ribbon feed and ribbon reels mounted perpendicularly to the carriage movement. The No. 6 has a manual ribbon feed. Production of the No. 6 began in 1901 and lasted only a short time, with few machines being made.

The type wheel

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