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Burrall's No. 2 Right Hand corn Sheller

Cast iron floor model Burrall sheller marked "Improved Burrall Corn Sheller No. 2, Pat'd March 14, 1863, Made by The Gould's Mfg Co., Seneca Falls, NY". The patent date is actually March 24, 1863, an all too common example of the wrong date being marked on a patented item. Thomas Burrall's 1845 patent for this basic machine was renewed 2 years later, on Oct 10, 1865. However, Burrall's 1863 patent on this example simply covers the recess in the circular hopper for locating the curved spring. At least someone was getting some work done while the Civil War was raging.

The all cast iron sheller is 43" high, with an 18" diameter curved spoke flywheel and s-curved crank. The iron is all good, with no breaks or welds. Only the wood is lacking from the crank handle.

right side view ---- close up of markings --- close up of patent date

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