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Foot Treadle Polishing and Grinding Lathe

Generally referred to as "dental lathes", foot treadle polishers were manufactured by Buffalo Dental Mfg Co. (see SMMA vol 2, No.3, May 1989) and S.S. White. Similar machines were also marketed to jewelers and other craftsmen. W.F. & John Barnes offered such a polisher mounted on their velocipede scroll saw stand. This example is unmarked. The head can be rotated and locked in position with a large thumb screw. The two driven pulleys are 2 1/8" and 1 3/4" diameter. A taper screw is fitted on one end of the spindle and a collet and finger nut on the other. A cloth buffing wheel is mounted on the taper screw. The spindle bearings are provided with oil holes with threaded brass plugs. The flywheel pulley is 17 1/2" diameter and a second drive pulley is 6 1/4" diameter, allowing for a great variation in speed selection - the faster being for polishing. A new leather 1/4" round belt has been fitted to the large flywheel. A second, smaller belt would be needed to use the 6 1/4" pulley. The lathe head is mounted on a 9" x 15" wood table. The machine is 44" high, allowing comfortable use while standing or sitting on a high stool. The single "heel and toe" treadle works very well. Another neat machine for the non- electric shop.

the flywheel and treadle ---- the lathe head

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