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The "Success" Foot Powered Grinder

The foot operated lever powers a ratchet mechanism via a short length of chain. The 8" grindstone is fitted with a reversable tool holder with flat and angled ends. The 6" dia. decoratively cut-out iron balance wheel is marked "Success Grinder, 4 1/2, Buffalo Specialty Mfg Co., Buffalo, NY", and has 5 cut-out stars. The X braced base with foot treadle bolts to the floor (or a board) and a flange on the rear of the grinder bolts to a wall or post. The grinder is 45" high and can be used either seated or standing. The treadle need not be continually pumped to keep the wheel turning. Good working order, no breaks or welds, the light colored wheel is solid and fairly true, but could use some dressing.

full length view ---- the stone ---- front view - the tool rest

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