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Spring Lancet

This small instrument has a silver alloy case measuring 42 mm long by 18 mm wide, with decorative borders along the top and edges. The blade release is a small button on the side of the case, rather than the usual lever. Instead of using a blade return spring, this lancet has a small flat spring mounted on the side of the blade arm which presses against the case, thus applying lateral pressure, keeping the blade in any position rather than pressing it against the cocked hammer. This would allow control of depth of cut, by positioning the blade further forward. A name stamped on the inside of the slide is indistinct. It appears to be "I. Rorer" The leather fitted case has a pocket in the folding lid and stores in a hard leather slip case. The case is well worn, with frayed edges, but completely intact. The lancet is in fine working condition.

front side

rear side

the mechanism

closeup of decoration and release button

the leather case and slip case

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