tools and

farm tools

and slide rules

and office


the balance wheel

a left side view

a closer view - left end

the tail stock

front view

the trough shaped bed - right side

the headstock - right side view

the headstock - a closer view.

the curved spoke flywheel

the wood turning tool rest

bed design and balance wheel - left end view.

right side - full view

the metal turning slide rest

the 4 jaw chuck and slide rest

the accessories

the tool post wrench

decoration on the slide rest

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Treadle Lathe

A foot powered lathe for turning both wood and metal. The heavy, 21" diameter flywheel is driven by a hardwood treadle. Two belt speeds are provided with matching grooves on the flywheel and spindle pulley. An 8" diameter decorative balance wheel is conveniently located for starting by hand to position the treadle on the downstroke. The 3/4" spindle nose is threaded (8tpi)and accepts small (mt-0?)tapered centers. A spur drive with removable spur and a 4 jaw independent chuck with reversable jaws and wrench are included. The chuck is marked "Union Mfg Co., New Britian, Conn." and has the "handshake" trademark.

The distance between centers is 27". The height of centers from bed is 5 1/2", from tool rest arm is 4 1/2". The trough shaped cast iron bed is 43" long. The flywheel shaft is fitted with pivoting bearings on each upright, adjusted by a screw. The spindle bearings are adjustable for wear. Height from floor to centers is 40". The adjustable tool rest is 9" long. The 4 jaw independent chuck with reversable jaws is 5" in diameter. The slide rest has x-y screws and the base may be mounted at any angle to the bed to simulate a compound rest. The tool post slot is 5/16" wide, there is no tooling. The original tool post wrench, retains traces of yellow paint. Both the headstock and flywheel can be positioned at any point along the bed and shaft. The tailstock ram with dead center is driven by a cast iron hand wheel. The tailstock is threaded for a 5/16" locking screw. Both a modern allen wrench set screw and a thumb screw are provided and either one works well.

The lathe works beautifully for turning wood between centers. The weight of one's foot alone can propel the lathe, the work being simply to raise one's foot on the upstroke. The lathe is fairly portable, in that two people can easily move it, including lifting it to a pickup bed. All bolts and nuts are free, however, the short crank arms are pinned to the shaft. It would be necessary to drive out one of these pins and remove a crank in order to remove the flywheel from its shaft. Thus, the lathe cannot be shipped in multiple packages via UPS. The hardwood treadle is solid, but could be easily replaced for the sake of appearance. The two wood pitmans are of different shape, one flaring out at the center. Either could be easily duplicated and neither is a recent replacement. I would guess that the one with the wide center is the original style.

Without any small tooling, I have not tried the lathe for turning metal. The slide rest works fine and can be mounted at any angle to the work. The downside is that the design does not automatically align the slide perpendicular to the ways. The 4 jaw chuck also works fine. A 5/16" tool holder would be required. I have not replaced the 1/4" leather belting, which has worked fine in several hours of turning, however, the belting can be ordered from several sources, including one online which has always provided 2 or 3 day turn around for me.

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