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New Rogers Scroll Saw

The New Rogers scroll saw was offered as early as the 1880's in Millers Falls catalogs. It has a 17 inch throat. The table is 32" high and the small footprint of 16" x 20" allows use in tight quarters. An emory wheel fitted on the balance wheel is driven by a 12" decorative flywheel. New 1/4" round leather belting has been fitted to the machine and the old belt is also included, but not up to heavy use. There are no breaks or welds in the iron and the saw cuts (smoothly, but slowly). I use modern generic scroll saw blades by snapping off the ends to remove the pins and grinding down the width of each end to fit the blade clamps (a 30 second job). There is some red pinstriping left on the shaped legs. Most of the nickel plating has worn off the table and the dust blower is not present. Otherwise, a good example in working order.

front view ---- the treadles

closeup of emory stone --- closeup of table

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