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W.W. Oliver Draw Bench

A hand cranked wire sizing machine used primarily by jewelers. The machine was patented in 1885, by Claes Svensson, of Buffalo, and one half assigned to William W. Oliver, of Buffalo. Eleven years later, in 1896, Svensson and Oliver shared another patent for a foot power. This is as close as I can date the activity of W.W. Oliver.

An appropriate size and shape die is clamped in place and wire pulled through the die by hand cranking an endless chain in which is hooked a wire clamp. The machine is in good working order. The large gear has been welded in several places, but meshes well with the drive gear. No dies are present, but are available at jewelry machinery supply houses such as (I found the site on the web, but have never ordered from them). Multiple size dies were around $30.

W.W. Oliver (I'm told) made a watchmaker's lathe, which seems appropriate to this machine, but my only previous W.W. Oliver example was a small wood lathe - very heavy and high quality, but with a surprisingly short bed for such a lathe. W.W. Oliver, of Buffalo, is not related to the 20th c. Oliver Machinery Co. of Grand Rapids, whose high quality woodworking machines are ubiquitous in schools and workshops.

the self tightening wire clamp hooks over a chain link and closes under chain tension. The clamp is automatically released when it reaches a cog of the head sprocket.

side view

the takeup spool which can be used instead of the clamp, if desired. Wire is inserted in a hole in the spool and secured by tightening a bolt.

the bed casting, "W.W. Oliver, Buffalo N.Y., Pat May 25, 1885".

the large hand crank.

end view

the hinged die clamp will hold dies available at jewelry tool supply houses such as

the drive gear with several unsightly but strong welds. The gears mesh smoothly.

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