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Bradley Stencil Machine

A high quality stencil machine in fine working condition. Unlike my Ideal Stencil Machine, which I recently took to the dump, this machine has no pot metal parts to break. The mechanism is self-aligning and the stencil advances automatically. The fence adjusts for 4 lines of text, and possibly 5 (there is a 5th index hole, but it isn't numbered). The bed is 43" long and the footprint of the cast iron legs is 18"x45". The machine easily unbolts from the stand, but is quite heavy (it poked a hole in the passenger seat of my truck bringing it home yesterday). The letters are 3/4" high. Brass plates at each end of the bed list 10 patents, all from the 1890's. The earliest was granted to Andrew Bradley, of St Louis, on April 4, 1893.

gold lettering on top of machine.

side view showing decorative legs .

Bradley logo on rear of carriage.

brass nameplate listing 10 patents from 1893-1899.

end view.

closeup of spring loaded dies and brass letter indicators.

rear view


closeup showing friction paper feed and letter indicating pointer.

Price: sold

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