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Seneca Falls Empire Scroll Saw

This is the pedal/lineshaft version of this machine, with one foot pedal and one pulley for optional belt power. The saw is working well with the very old belt, but new leather belting is on order and will be included. The Empire saws run easily with a single pedal, but do require turning the balance wheel to position the pedal at the top of its stroke before starting. An advantage of this machine in standing and pedaling with one foot is that the other pedal isn't in the way, as on my two pedal Empire. For more info on dimensions, patent dates, etc. see the other Empire.

The two Empire saws. This one is on the right

Cutting 1" pine. The attractive blade locking nut may not be original, since it can interfere with thick work if the lever stops in the down position. A wingnut is present on the lower blade clamp and on both clamps on my other machine.

closeup view

front view

the left side.

rear view.

the pivoting table ball and socket.

A 10" flat pulley with 3/4" face The original pulley would likely have been much smaller, since it was meant to be used with a slow turning line shaft. However, even this 10" pulley would run too fast if belted to a 1750 rpm electric motor with 2" pulley. The ideal speed is around 800 strokes per minute.

A break at the bolt hole of the front leg. While this could be secured with a weld or a second bolt below the break, it doesn't seem necessary.

the iron treadle support. The front (left) part is broken off. This iron extension apparently was designed to provide extra support for the wood treadle. However, the hardwood treadle can flex slightly, while the cast iron can not. Both Empire and Victor machines frequently have this piece broken with no effect on the pedal action. The original wood pedal shows no sign of damage.

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