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Broom Winder

This early broom making machine uses an iron foot pedal and ratchet and pawl rather than the usual kick wheel. Patents for broom winders using a ratchet were granted in 1871 and 1875, however, most winders continued to use the cheaper wooden kick wheels. The heavy wood hub has a 1 1/4" hole and T-handle set screw for securing the broom handle. The ratchet mechanism drives the broom spindle with a 4" flat belt. The slender pegged mortise and tenon frame makes this an unusually lightweight machine that can be carried by one person - ideal for craft fairs. The working height is 39 inches. The L-shaped frame requires a 28" by 30" floor space.

The iron foot pedal and ratchet mechanism

The wire spool with 4" leather faced wooden wheel that rides against a wooden spring to apply tension to the wire.

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