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Lion Miter Trimmer

The blades are sharp and cut cleanly. Minor surface rust on the iron. However, the Dosch handle is not original and has some damage. Being slightly smaller, it slides further into the dovetail socket than the original would. Also, it has a crack beginning on one side and appears to have been operated by means of hammer blows. Note that the Dosch handle was never used in such a manner on this Pootatuck trimmer. The two were recently paired up by an antique dealer and only I have used it since. The handle works fine for light trimming, but, if you don't own a saw and need to cut heavy molding via the hammer method, it will soon need to be welded. Or, if you already have a Pootatuck handle, you're all set.

left side casting - "Pootatuck Corp Stratford Conn".

right side casting - "Lion Universal Cutter No. 4"

cutting pine

rear view, showing the Dosch handle in place. Note the crack on the right edge of the handle, near the top of the photo

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