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New Haven No. 5 lathe

The lathe has a 10 ft bed supported on three pairs of decoratively shaped legs. 18" throw, 10" over the slide rest, 82" between centers. MT 3 tail and MT 4 head with 2" 7 tpi spindle. 18" 4 jaw chuck and 17" faceplate. Center rest and 13 loose change gears included. The lathe is in good working order. The front headstock bearing is sloppy, but not noticeable with the 150 lb chuck in place. There is an old break in the rear right end of the bed. This didn't pose a problem when I dismantled and brought the lathe home 5 years ago, but, it might be a good idea to take the bed to a welding shop while it is dismantled for transport and have it welded while on your truck or trailer.

New Haven Mfg. advertised their lathes as early as 1854 in the Scientific American. This lathe is likely from the 1880's.

the headstock.

the apron with ball crank for manual carriage feed and lever to engage half nuts for power feed and screw cutting

the 17 inch faceplate

the tailstock

the center rest

The "raise and fall" cross slide with tool holder.

the 18" 4 jaw chuck weighs 150 lbs

left end of headstock - lever engages forward or reverse gears for both screw cutting and power carriage feed

rear of headstock showing early style solid back gear and decoratively turned shaft.

accessories include 6 MT3 taper drill bits for tailstock, MT 2-4 and MT 3-4 sleeves for using smaller accessories in the MT 4 headstock, MT 3 ball bearing live center, MT 3 center.

2-S Williamson tool holder

full length view of 10 ft long bed.

side view - note the three pairs of legs.

Price: withdrawn
Buyer must dismantle and remove from shop with my help.

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