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Trump Bros Scroll Saw

The upper and lower tension springs and blade holders are in good condition. The wings are broken off a wingnut on the lower blade clamp, but can be tightened with pliers (or the wing nut replaced). The saw mechanism works fine. Cast indistinctly in the saw frame is"Trump Bros. Wilmington Delaware, Pat'd July 23, 1872 and reissued Nov 6, 1877".

The opposite side view.

The flywheel with round belt pulley. Most Trump saws are driven by friction wheels, but, Trump claims in his patent that the saw can be driven by treadle or steam. The front belt pulley appears to be original, so this may be the steam version. George Lewis's 1877 patent shows an almost identical belt driven flywheel version which became the Seneca Falls "Challenge" treadle saw. It's unclear what relationship George Lewis and Seneca Falls had with the Trump Bros. Samuel Trump's first patent for this saw was granted July 23, 1872. The patent was reissued Nov 6, 1877 and George Lewis received his patent in the same year, claiming only the tilting table (different than Trump's version) and the blade holder. Otherwise, Seneca Falls was making a saw almost identical to that of Trump Bros.

A stepped drive pulley with 3 threaded holes for fitting a stud for use with a treadle.The threaded holes in this pulley suggest treadle power would still be an option. While old, this rear pulley is not likely original, but it fits the original stud, which is adjustable to tighten the belt between the two pulleys.

The saw mounted on a home made stand with seat and powered by a dental engine treadle wheel.

Front view of the dental engine powered saw.

The saw with stand and dental engine wheel sold
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