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Dr. Sherwood's Magnetic Machine

An induction coil marked "H.H. Sherwood, M.D., New York". Henry Hall Sherwood was one of the first researchers/inventors to use the induction coil to treat patients. As early as 1844, he was publishing his "Manual for Magnetising", using this instrument, described as "Sherwood's vibratory magnetic machine. In the 1830's, Sherwood had already begun publishing papers on the magnetic treatment of diseases. He was, of course, using electricity, not magnetism, but these terms were not yet clearly defined. This device was advertised in the 2nd volume of the Scientific American in 1846.

Henry Hall Sherwood edited "The New York Dissector" during the 1840's, which included many articles on the galvanic treatment of disease. He also published many books on the subject, beginning in the 1830's. Sherwood's work even drew the attention of Joseph Henry, who was concerned that it bordered on quackery and was damaging the prestige of American science.

The device is 8" long. There are two battery terminals and two patient terminals. The 3/8" diameter sliding core is composed of individual wires rather than solid iron. An uncommon example by one of the earliest practitioners.

Side view, showing the battery and patient terminals

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