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Victor Foot Powered Scroll Saw
1885 Seneca Falls Catalog

This Machine has many new and valuable features and is suitable for either light or heavy work, cutting with the greatest precision from the lightest up to 3 inches thick, and has 24 inches swing. It is designed for Pattern, Model, and Cabinet Makers, Carpenters, Builders and all wood and metal workers, who desire a machine of large capacity suitable for close and very accurate work. It has an Adjustable Tension, in connection with the upper spindle, which may be varied to suit the operator. Length of Saw Blade, 8 inches. The Iron tilting Table is 18 inches in diameter, and can be changed to any angle for sawing inlaid work; the table and all finished parts are Nickel-Plated. It has an Adjustable Upright Drilling Attachment provided with an “Empire” Drill Chuck which will hold from o to 3-16 inch Twist Drills. It has a large Dust Blower, which works perfectly and keeps the lines of the work free from sawdust. The Driving Wheel is heavy, 24 inches in diameter, and the Driving belt being the Patent V shape, strong power is obtained without any slipping or lost motion. It has Double Foot Treadles, with a walking motion, by which much greater power can be obtained with less fatigue, than with any other kind in use. The Average Rate of Speed when sawing is about 8oo strokes per minute. The height from floor to top of table is 40 inches; this enables the operator to run the machine with both feet, sitting, or one foot, standing. For Steam Power we furnish tight and loose pulleys arranged to connect to the Driving Wheel Shaft on either side, leaving a treadle connected on the other side. Weight of Machine, complete, 260 lbs. crated, ready for shipment, 325 lbs. ALBION, N. Y., Sept. 7, 1883. GENTLEMEN:-I have used one of your Victor Scroll Saws in my Pattern shop for the past six months and to say that I like it, only partially expresses it, for it is the only Foot Power Scroll Saw that I ever used that was good for anything except to play with. This machine saws up to its full capacity, will do as good and as accurate work as any or the best of Power machines and that without the trouble and expense of keeping up stean or other power. Hoping you will meet with the success that your invention merits, I remain Yours very truly, A. J. TYLER, Manufacturer of Pumps, Etc. SLATINGTON, PA., Sept. 20, 1885. GENTLEMEN :-The ten No. 4 Victor Scroll Saws that we purchased last May, have been in constant use ever since and they give entire satisfaction in every respect. Yours truly, JOHN D. EMACK & CO., Manufacturers of Patent Enamelled Slate Letters and Figures. NORTH BLOOMFIELD, N. Y., Sept. 20 1885 GENTLEMEN -As regards the No. 1 Victor Scroll Saw which we purchased of you last February, will say that we have used it in our pattern shop and find it a very handy tool. We bought the machine with tight and loose pulleys, but it runs so easily by “foot” we have as yet never attached power to it, although we have used it for all of our work in pattern making. Taking into account the Drilling attachment, the Blower and Adjustable Tilting Table, with the ease with which it is operated, we think it a first class tool, while it is sold at a very reasonable price. Very respectfully, W. P. DAVIS, Proprietor, North Bloomfield Foundry and.Machine Tool Works.

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