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Trump Bros Treadle Scroll Saw

An early version of the Trump Bros treadle scroll saw, marked only "Pat July 23, 1872". The saw frame incorporates a large clamp for mounting on a bench or table top and the foot treadle, with adjustable linkage, can be screwed to the floor. The previous owner has built a fine tubular steel stand for the saw, complete with a pressed steel seat from an old John Deere implement. The saw and its original treadle have not been damaged or altered in any way. The saw clamps to the display stand just as it would to a bench, and can be removed by loosening one bolt. The blade clamps are in good working order and the blades are 4" plain end. The saw runs well, but is meant for light duty work.

Right side of saw, mounted on modern tubular steel stand.

Left side of saw.

Close up of decorative flywheels and friction drive. No drive belt is required.

Close up of opposite side of flywheels. Much original green paint remains.

The decoratively cut out foot treadle. The "heel and toe" foot treadle is connected directly to the flywheel by means of an adjustable iron rod.

Price: sold
The saw and treadle can be dismantled and shipped separately. The stand must be picked up in Maryland. Safe storage at this end is no problem (its in our living room).

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