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Treadle Lathe

This primitive wood lathe appears to be quite early. Both the headstock and tailstock design appear early in the 1800's. This is not a user lathe, due to the condition of the wood. It's an excellent candidate for display in a farm museum.

The iron headstock has a conical thrust bearing with large square head adjustment nuts, a babbit front bearing with wood cap and a 4" wood pulley. The spindle has a tapered outside thread, fitted with a square tapered chuck for the lathe center. The square tapered center is not present. The tailstock also has a smaller square taper socket, fitted with a square taper center. The lathe has a 14" swing and 22" between centers, 58" between centers with the bed extension. The 28" iron flywheel with wood extension is 3 1/2" wide. The wood tool rest is 11 3/4" wide and adjustable in and out, but not up and down.

The flywheel and heavy wood crank hook.

The unusual tailstock design. Note the forged nut on the tailstock clamping bolt.

Closeup of the tailstock design. The ram clamping bolt is short and likely broken off, but the square nut locks or frees the ram with a slight turn.

Closeup of the tapered spindle thread. Note the tapered socket resting on the bed

The iron headstock with wood pulley covered in leather. The square taper socket screws onto the tapered threaded spindle

the toolrest

A similar but simpler tailstock, ca. 1840.(From American Lathe Builders by Kenneth Cope

Another similar tailstock on a gun barrel lathe patented by S. Nash, at the Harpers Ferry Armory in 1818.

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