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W.F. & John Barnes Screw Cutting Lathe

W.F. & John Barnes were famous for their line of heavy duty and extremely well made human powered woodworking machines as well as their metal lathes and drill presses. I know of one woodworking shop where thousands of house windows were manufactured using only Barnes foot powered machines.

The Barnes No. 4 1/2 screw-cutting lathe was introduced around 1885. The 1885 Barnes catalog bills this machine as their “new screw cutting lathe”. The two patent dates cast in the bed are Sept 21, 1880 and Feb 15, 1887. The latter patent was submitted on July 3, 1886. The 2 three sided foot pedals are marked with patent dates of Feb and March, 1876, which cover the velocipede crank mechanism.

The lathe spindle is back geared for increased power and the 20” flywheel and cone pulley, driven by a 1” leather flat belt, offers three speeds. Two foot pedals power the flywheel by means of a heavy chain and sprockets. For conventional metal turning, the tool carriage is moved by a hand crank, moving the carriage along a rack on the front of the bed. For screw-cutting, a pair of lead screws, turning in opposite directions, are selected by a lever which positions a half nut on one or the other screw for forward or reverse movement of the carriage. Thus left or right hand screws can be turned without changing gears. There are twelve change gears for selecting a multitude of thread sizes. A brass plate mounted on the lathe provides a cheat sheet for selecting the proper change gears for a given screw thread.

The lathe is complete and working. It has been restored by the previous owner, including a very nice paint job. The bed is 40" long, allowing 25" between centers. Overall height is 46". Accessories include a large 4 jaw independent chuck, a 3 jaw universal chuck, a two jaw self centering drill chuck, a steady rest, a 7 3/4" face plate, a Morse taper point for the tailstock, a set of common lathe dogs and a set of change gears.There is an early repair to the tailstock. The tailstock functions smoothly and seems unaffected by the repair.

the lathe

the headstock

the tailstock

the crank and chain drive

the center rest

the tool holder

the change gears

the accessories

the cast iron seat

the 4 jaw independent chuck

the universal 3 jaw chuck

the faceplate and dogs

the two jaw drill chuck

the pedals

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Delivery may be possible since the lathe easily breaks down for transport in a car or for carrying up and down stairs.
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