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Barnes Countershaft for No. 5 Lathe

The countershaft and matching line shaft for a No. 5 Barnes metal lathe. Dual clutch pulleys allow instant reversal of the lathe spindle. Moving the control lever to the left engages the forward belt, moving it to the right engages the reverse pulley. The driven pulleys are 7" x 2". The stepped drive pulleys are 4", 5 1/4", and 6 1/2", with a 1 3/8" face, matching the headstock pulley of a No 5 lathe, which has 3", 4 1/4" and 5 1/2" pulleys. The matching line shaft has 8" x 2" drive pulleys and a 12" driven pulley. The shafting is currently belted to a No. 5 lathe and powered by an electric motor. It would also be ideal for a small steam engine or a dog power. The clutch pulleys and linkage work perfectly and the bearings are in good condition.

A closer view of both shafts and the control lever

close up of crossed reversing belt

closeup of shifter mechanism

the line shaft - note grease cup on end of shaft

closeup of both shafts

view of shifting linkage

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