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From the 1885 W.F. & John Barnes catalog

This Lathe swings 11 inches on the face plate, 6 5/8 inches over the tool carriage, and is 34 inches between centers. With its back gearing and cone pulleys the Lathe has a great range of speed.

It is thoroughly and substantially built of iron and steel, each used where it will best serve. The head-stock has a steel spindle with 15-32 inch hole through its entire length. The boxes are accurately fitted to the spindle, with provision to keep them true and to take up wear. The tail-stock can be readily set at any desired point, or taken altogether from the lathe bed, thus leaving it free for face-plate or chuck-work. It can also be set over for turning tapers. The spindles of both head and tail stocks are of steel, with positively true taper holes for the reception of the centers, and the tail-stock center is self-discharging. The tool carriage is a model of convenience and accuracy, and is gibbed to the bed. The tool can be set to the work at any position or angle desired; also to bore a taper hole. All the works are securely protected from chips and dirt, thus insuring long wear and durability to the most costly and vital parts of the lathe. The gearing furnished can be combined to make different leads of thread from 4 to 40, besides many others not mentioned on the index plate. As a right or left screw-cutting lathe it is simply perfect. All the gearing is cut from solid metal in the best machinery known for gear-cutting, and is as true and noiseless as it is possible for metal gearing to be.

The price of lathe complete, as described, is $100.00. It weighs 365 pounds. Boxed, ready for shipment, it weighs 455 pounds.

A Barnes No. 5 lathe currently for sale

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