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Barnes #5 velocipede treadle lathe

The No.5 velocipede lathe has an 11 inch swing, 34" between centers. The bronze spindle bearings are in good shape and the lathe runs smoothly and with very little effort. The No. 5 has three pedals and the seat can be slid to either side to allow the operator to work directly in front of his work. The original tool post is fitted with homemade collars and crescent. Otherwise, all original and functional. In addition to the accessories listed below, a Barnes center rest is now included.

Common lathe dog in use

10" faceplate

concentric 3 jaw chuck

outboard view of headstock and gearing for twin lead screws

Barnes triangular foot pedal with patent dates "Feb & Mar 1876

tailstock with wrench, center

patent date on bed "Sept 21, 1880".

seller's plate "R.H. Richards & Co., Atlanta, GA

the original Barnes seat in fine condition - no breaks or welds

the peculiar Barnes cross or X faceplate

the tool carriage with a single lever to engage each of the twin lead screws. The upper lead screw is hidden behind the rack.

the turret head - a rare Barnes accessory allowing 6 tools to be mounted in the tailstock for production work. A lever releases the pivoting head and click stops align each tool with the lathe axis. The device is marked "T.R. Almond, Mer, Pat'd Aug 17, 1875". T.R. Almond Mfg Co. was located in Ashburnham, Mass. The Patentee was William Krutzsch, of Dayton, Ohio. This device was illustrated in the 1885 Barnes catalog as their new turret head lathe tool.

the Barnes accessories - a saw mandrel with blade, 9 change gears of 16, 20, 24, 28, 30, 32, 40, 52, and 104 teeth, 2 centers, turret head with one tool, 3 jaw chuck, lathe dog, tool post, homemade collars and crescent for tool post

Spindle - 1" - 8tpi

Turning wood with the Barnes No. 5 A home made tool rest is attached to the slide rest. Spindles up to 32" long and 6" diameter can be turned.

Closeup of homemade wood turning tool rest

The description of this lathe in the 1885 Barnes catalog

Price: sold

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