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Treadle Wood Lathe by W.C. Young

A heavy duty treadle lathe, ca. 1880's, by W.C. Young, Worcester, MA.

front view - The adjustable thrust and main bearings are fitted with grease cups. The spindle has 3/4" 14 tpi external threads. Both spindle and tailstock ram have MT 1 internal tapers. The lathe has an 8" swing, with 6 3/4" over the tool rest. The length between centers is 16 1/2".

cast iron treadle frame and flywheel. The 6" v-pulley has been added to power the lathe with a dog treadmill.

the treadle mechanism - the heavy duty eccentric and oak connecting bars are modern replacements.

the accessories - MT1 Whiton scroll chuck , 4 point spur center with 3/4" 14 tpi threads to fit spindle, new Grizzly mt1 spur drive, new Craftsman MT1 ball bearing live center, original cup center, MT1 Jacobs chuck.

the 10 3/4" user made tool rest

the 23 1/2" user made double tool rest. A very heavy blade with second base made similar to the original.

the tailstock - The lever operated ram, useful for boring, is equiped with a Jacobs chuck, marked "Jacobs Mfg, Hartford CT, Pat Sept 16, 1902".

The three jaw chuck A scroll chuck marked "D.E. Whiton, W. Stafford, CT". The self centering chuck opens approx 1 1/8".

A new Craftsman MT1 live center. The tailstock has a decorative "club" cutout.

The maker's name cast in the lathe legs - "W.C. Young & Co., Worcester, Mass, U.S.A."

The 6" diameter maker's plate cast into the treadle base end frame

The heavy duty 8" wide cast iron foot pedal with the maker's name, "W.C. Young"

"THE PEERLESS LATHE" cast in the front of the bed.

The 3" tool rest. The blade is not original. Its post is slightly undersize, but locks securely in the base.

The three tool rests, the original base, second base, and original clamps with handwheels.

The lathe operated by dog power. The treadle linkage is removed while the lathe is operated by belt power. Belting the treadmill to the lathe's flywheel shaft allows a comparable spindle speed to treadle operation.

The lathe is in good operating condition, with no breaks or welds. The bearings are good. Part of the rear edge of the wooden table had been broken and glued where an electric motor was once hung from the edge with a door hinge.

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