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Compound microscope by Robbins, Chicago

The round stage is signed "Alfred L. Robbins, Chicago". The unusual fine focus knob is located under the limb. An under limb fine focus was first used on the Acme #4, made by Queen, in Philadelphia. Later, E.H. and F.H. Tighe, in Detroit, used this type of fine focus in their No. 3 stand, which appears to be identical to this example, except for the name on the stage. Minimum height is 11", extending to approx. 15" with rack focus and nickle plated drawtube. The divisible objective is marked "1/10 & 2/3". The gimballed single sided concave mirror pivots upward to allow above stage illumination. A wheel of stops is mounted under the stage. The twin pillar claw foot base and limb are black painted iron. The mirror finish is fine and all mechanical movements work well. I cannot unscrew the two part objective barrel by hand and the paint on the foot is present, but rough. The box is in good condition, despite a full length crack in the door. The door is still solid, thanks to a full width tenon in both the top and bottom edges (original, not a repair).

the fine focus

the mirror swings above the stage

the stand tilted to the horizontal position

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