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Stoelting Polygraph - lie detector

A professional suitcase model polygraph by Stoelting, Chicago. The top two pens record breathing rate at two different areas (chest and abdomen?)using pneumatic sensors. The third pen records galvanic skin response from two finger electrodes. The fourth pen records heart rate using a blood pressure cuff. The fifth pen records pulse from a fingertip sensor. All sensors are working. One of the 5 pens is missing or was not used by the last owner. The pens are interchangable and simply rest in a stirrup. The 4th pen can be lifted up and placed in the 5th position without changing the ink bottle position. It may be that both methods of measuring heart rate were not used simultaneously. The blood pressure cuff or tubing has a small leak, but otherwise everything appears to work well. Stoelting had chart paper, pens and ink available when I acquired this instrument, about 5 years ago. There are two extra chart rolls included, from "Charts-Inc" in Santa Ana, CA. Their chart #83048 may be different than Stoelting. There is no model number on the instrument, but Stoelting knew what I needed when I called them 5 years ago, so they may have only had one suitcase model. There are some test forms included (Standardized Polygraph Notepack)using the Backster zone comparison technique. However, there is no information on how to interpret the chart results.

inside the suitcase

a closer view

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