Directions for using Electrikure

Stand the cylinder up to its neck in a clean vessel of pure fresh water. the vessel should be of glass, earthenware, fibre, paper, or wood - being of value in the order named - but never of metal. Keep the cords dry and away from metal and always have the plates clean. To know more about the proper care of the Electrikure, study chapter 1 of the manual.

The switch regulates the force; for strongest force, turn it squarely over point 1; for weakest force, over point 9; and for no force over point 0. As most people will improve faster when using point 1, begin treatment on that point, but, if restlessness follows, then move it to a higher number which gives a milder force.

For all ailments place the left hand plate on either ankle and the right hand plate, which is called local, as near the pain spot or seat of the trouble as possible; and when no pain spot, over the liver. Always cover the local plate with a compress. For good application, always clean, wet and rub the skin where the plates are applied. A perfect contact being necessary, this is very important.

Having now applied the Electrikure to the body as per all of the forgoing directions, continue the application for one hour and repeat at the same hour for five days in succession; then stop for five days for reaction; but, at any time when in pain or feeling badly, use it until relieved, regardless of the regular application made.

Immediately after finishing the application drink a glassful of the water in which the cylinder has stood; with more of it, quickly bathe from head to feet - warming it, if necessary for comfort, and follow with vigorous rubbing of the entire body. Let no circustance prevent the rubbing being well and promptly done. Then dress fully to promote the healthful glow which rapidly begins.

The weaker the person, the stronger and more constant should be the treatment, which has never harmed a babe. In bad chronic cases the aim of the treatment should be to seek "charge" (see chapter 6 of manual). During the period of reaction, dry rub the entire body before retiring. In cases of fever, change the water every hour. In cases of asthma, put local plate over the pit of the stomach. Commence the first treatment by bathing the feet in hot water. After using the Electrikure, dry the cylinder and plates thoroughly, put switch at point 0 and put in the box. Always change the water and clean the Electrikure before applying it to another person, for it is wholly individual in its curative power, otherwise, contamination may occur.

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