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Boring Machine

An unmarked Millers Falls style boring machine with steel rod angle adjustment. Easily and quickly adjusted to any angle and rock solid in any position. The machine is in good working order, including the spring loaded lifting gear and its release lever. The brass sleeve on one of the crank knobs is tight, but the wooden knob turns on the sleeve. Both knobs are in very good condition, but lacking their end plugs. The iron is pitted, but has been well cleaned by the previous owner. All the adjustment bolts for the frame, crank arms, and chuck turn freely. The original wood base is in good condition. The 1 7/8" bit is in good condition, but needs sharpening before use.

closeup - carriage latch and elevating gear release lever

rear view - roller bearing on elevator rack

the wood base serves as a seat for the operator stradling the beam

the 1 7/8" bit

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